Disney crossy road Hercules

This is my idea for a "Hercules World" in game!

Music 8bit: Zero to Hero

Location: Thebes

Death: Hade's Chariot

Description of Stage

The trains: Chariot

The obstacles : Columns, Jars and Statues

The cars: Thebans and Monsters

Water: Sea with boats and barrels

Special: Rocks falling on you, and hitting one will make the player lose his round of gameplay.

Description of Characters

Philoctetes: "The kind who wins trophies Won't settle for low fees" Found trophy

Muses: Occasionally, One of the Muses is able to be used, then it changing

Hermes: The Muses dance when Hermes approach them

Lachesis/Atropos/Clotho: When playing one of Fates, the stage turns to night and some vehicles become souls

Nymph: Change in Tree form when blocked

Narcissus: Sometimes comes out of a mirror

Jar: Change form

Vase Seller: All the obstacles turn in jars 

Aphrodite: She leaves a trail of heart across the stage

Zeus: He will sometimes throw her thunders at passing vehicles

Hades: The stage turns to night, some vehicles become souls and you can find monsters standing around

Pain/Panic: They transform into a snakes, bunny/squirrel, and kids

Cyclops: He will sometimes throw rocks at passing vehicles 

Hydros: He leaves a trail of ice across the stage

Pyros: He leaves a trail of fire across the stage

Stratos: Destroy the obstacles

Lythos: The ground shaking at each steps he makes

Hydra: It cost 50 tickets to unlock him. Start with 3 heads, when he dies he loses one (so the player have 3 chances to play with him)

Hercules: A glow of light comes out of his body

Pegasus: He fly when he hop

Megara's Soul: The stage turns to night, some vehicles become souls

Achilles: Crushed on pieces when he dies

Cloaked Hercules: Sometimes come out a shield and a sword

Charon: The stage turns to night, some vehicles become souls

Cerberus: The stage turns to night, some vehicles become souls

Painter: He color the obstacles

Apollo: A sunshine will appear above him