• Ordigdug


    May 14, 2017 by Ordigdug

    Hi all, I find SECRETS placed in the Disney Crossy Road files.

    NOTE/DISCLAIMER: These files change after every update, some things are added, some changed, some deleted. This is just a current snapshot.

    ALL the MODELS & COLORS come straight out of the current game files.

    MOCKUPs: I take models from the world file and put them together to make a cohesive picture of what the game world may look like.

    VIDEOS: I provide pictures and sometimes animated gifs to DaMobileMob so he can make entertaining videos based on my findings. I enjoy watching his videos and I assume there are others who do as well.

    POST ON WIKI: Usually after a video has been released within a day or two I post these pictures to the wiki.

    Enjoy :)

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