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  • Padsquad2010

    It’s that time again. Welcome to another rendition of…






    Welcome, Tamatoa, to the Galactic Federation,
    Where today you'll discover our lyrical inflation!
    You’re a twitchy-eyed crab beast who can't scratch his back!
    I'm an alien menace and I'm on the attack!
    Plus, I've got a gun! A spaceship! And authority!
    All you've got are back sparkles, no, really!
    Look, I'm a nice guy, and I mean no harm,
    But I need to destroy you, so come on, disarm!

    You ask me to disarm? But I am my own weapon!
    Fish come to me like they're manna from heaven!
    I'm a feared creature underneath the sea
    You're a strange blob subordinated to piracy
    I'm second to none! You're second to many!
    You can't catch St…

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  • Padsquad2010

    This is the second installment of DCR Diaries. This time it's narrated by Rapunzel. If you missed the first, there is a link in the navbox below. Now, on with the story.

    Hey! It's Rapunzel!

    So, the weirdest thing happened today.

    I was running across the roads, like I do, and then out of nowhere pops up this random guy. Now, people don't usually do that, especially not here in the Tangled world, so of course I had to investigate. This was the largest guy I've ever seen! He had a big red shirt and called himself Ralph. His arms and fists were enormous!

    Even for Disney, it's pretty disproportionate.

    This guy says he doesn't want to stay in the game anymore. He starts rambling on about the deeper meaning of life and that he must have a greater purp…

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  • Padsquad2010

    Welcome to the second Hurt/Heal on the wiki! This time we're doing Inside Out! If you don't know the rules, you can hurt characters to lower their points, and heal them to raise their points. The number of times you can do that will change.

    Current Rule - 3 Hurts & 1 Heal, Max HP 50

    Last Move Triple Hurt Mom's Disgust Heal Brazilian Helicopter Pilot by Padsquad

    Abstract Bing Bong - 12
    Abstract Joy - 12
    Anger - 13
    Bing Bong - 17
    Bobby - 6
    Brazilian Helicopter Pilot - 27
    Cat’s Anger - 9
    Cat’s Disgust - 11
    Cat’s Fear - 10
    Cut-In-Half Dog - 12
    Disgust - 14
    Dog’s Fear - 10
    Fear - 23
    Imaginary Boyfriend- 27
    Jangles - 21
    Mom’s Anger - 9
    Mom’s Disgust - 7
    Mom’s Joy - 12
    Mom’s Sadness - 4
    New Years 2017 Anger - 10
    New Years 2017 Bing Bong - 10
    New Years 2017 Disgust - 10

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  • Padsquad2010

    Welcome to another rendition of Epic Rap Battles of DCR! This time, we have two mystical, magical women fighting for lyrical power. The seance of the Haunted Mansion, Madame Leota faces the witch of Tangled, Mother Gothel.




    While wandering in the woods, a most hideous sight appeared
    A Mansion, and when I looked inside, you're here
    It's great to meet someone far less powerful than I
    Though we’ll both exist forever, only one can not die!
    If I crack the glass, will that mark the end
    Of giving tourists a death stare, or are you dead?
    You're existence is a mystery, so I'll strive
    To make sure you come back less alive

    Rap on a table, it’s time to respond
    Spirits have risen, of you they're not fond
    A wanderer, restricted…

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  • Padsquad2010

    Welcome to the first installment of the DCR Diaries. Each segment is narrated by a new character. I'm going to try to make it one cohesive story. Today, we have Ralph, from Wreck-It-Ralph.

    Hey, It's Ralph.

    I don't want this anymore. I know, I said basically the same thing years ago. After that adventure, I figured I'd never game jump again, but I was totally wrong.

    See, I'd learned that as long as I'm back in my own game by morning, I can totally go wherever I want. I find myself in Sugar Rush all the time, spending time with my friend Vanellope. I thought I'd made a mistake, but I became a pioneer.

    Now, I'm in this stupid game called Disney Crossy Road. No matter how far I run, I can't escape this place. I'm trapped in a representation of Sug…

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