This is the second installment of DCR Diaries. This time it's narrated by Rapunzel. If you missed the first, there is a link in the navbox below. Now, on with the story.

The Story

Hey! It's Rapunzel!

So, the weirdest thing happened today.

I was running across the roads, like I do, and then out of nowhere pops up this random guy. Now, people don't usually do that, especially not here in the Tangled world, so of course I had to investigate. This was the largest guy I've ever seen! He had a big red shirt and called himself Ralph. His arms and fists were enormous!

Even for Disney, it's pretty disproportionate.

This guy says he doesn't want to stay in the game anymore. He starts rambling on about the deeper meaning of life and that he must have a greater purpose than getting hit by digital cars, blah, blah, blah. Now he’s going on an adventure.

Last time I had an adventure, it was pretty exciting, so obviously I'm in. We run, and run, and run. We die, and die, and die. But eventually! Eventually, we find the end. After eleventeen thousand hops or whatever the number was, we saw a vast space with rectangles leading to other worlds. He wants some developer world, but doesn't know how to find it.

Honestly, I'm just curious what else exists. That is why I've managed to end up in the Incredibles world. Me and Ry - er, Ralph. There's lava here. It's pretty neat.

He’s apparently looking for help wherever he can get it. He says he’s already seen Beauty and the Beast, and Inside Out. Those worlds sound bizarre. I'll see those one day, really whether Ralph is there or not. I feel like I have to help him now, but when I don't, I'll be right back out there.

Actually, come to think of it, not sure how I help right now. Maybe down the line something will pop up. Anyways, gotta go!

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Closing Comments

What did you guys think? What do you think will happen? How long will it take for a third to come out? I want to know! Leave a comment below!