Welcome to another rendition of Epic Rap Battles of DCR! This time, we have two mystical, magical women fighting for lyrical power. The seance of the Haunted Mansion, Madame Leota faces the witch of Tangled, Mother Gothel.

The Battle




The Battle

Mother Gothel

While wandering in the woods, a most hideous sight appeared
A Mansion, and when I looked inside, you're here
It's great to meet someone far less powerful than I
Though we’ll both exist forever, only one can not die!
If I crack the glass, will that mark the end
Of giving tourists a death stare, or are you dead?
You're existence is a mystery, so I'll strive
To make sure you come back less alive

Madame Leota

Rap on a table, it’s time to respond
Spirits have risen, of you they're not fond
A wanderer, restricted by mortal chain
Attempting to break them, will find only pain
A flower, bringing the weight of eternity
Is no replacement for what I have naturally
Materializing now, the happy haunts caught sight
Now is your chance, to bring in death’s light

Mother Gothel

Don't try to spook me with spells, that’s so crass.
You're nothing but a head that's been wrapped in glass.
I've brought a full kingdom down to it’s knees
The only kingdom you scare is the Magic one, geez!
The game is up, Leota and the table’s turned towards me
The one you rest on, for your defeat penetrates all we can see
Your minute of fame is up, just like in your ride
It's off to the ballroom, where spooks materialize

Madame Leota

Running away, you now prove inner weakness
Nothing can save you from the doom which awaits this
Goblins and Ghoulies from last Halloween
Awakened inside you, calling to be free
The graveyard comes forth, and with it a song
Grim grinning ghosts won’t bring you along
You've made choices, causing your own crystal to crack.
Walls are closing in. You'd best hurry back.

Who Won?

The poll was created at 14:38 on June 15, 2017, and so far 11 people voted.

Have any suggestions? Any thoughts? Let me know in the comments.

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