One day mickey was hopping around his world. Suddenly, he saw a weird looking portal. Mickey was an adventurer, and hopped into the portal. He flew sideways onto a ship. Mickey realized what he had done. He had traveled to another world. It should have been impossible. Mickey hopped through the portal he came through, and instead of going back to his original world, he landed in a desert. He was about to leave when he was blasted by a red ray. He turned around. There stood a tall man in red and black with a golden snake staff. "It worked." He said. Mickey was tied up and blind folded. The man carried him for hours, then mickey felt like he was going through a portal. "You got him" A female voice said. "It worked!!!" A male voice said. Suddenly everyone was silent. "Unblinded him." A male voice said. Then, Mickey could see again. He was in a room with many people. Mickey only recondnized one of them. Pete. "Welcome to the secret world." Pete said. Then mickey realized everyone in the room with him was a villain. A purple lizard like monster threw mickey in a cage. All the villains sat at a table to talk. "We shall capture the heroes from every world and then attack." A giant grey alien thing said. "Without heroes, they don't stand a chance." A man with black hair and a silver sword said. "What will we do with each hero?" A lion at the table asked. "Feed them to tomatoa of course." The grey alien said. "I agree." Pete said. "Starting with Mickey." A man with a red suit on, with brown hair walked over to Mickey cage, and picked the whole thing up. He walked over to a door and threw the whole cage in the door. The door slammed behind him. Mickey tried to get out of the cage but was amazed by what he saw. Right in front of him was an enourmas crab. On the crabs back were all sorts of golden things. The crab started singing

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