The next world idea, right after Beverly Hills Chihuahua.

Main Environment: Gravity Falls (From Gravity Falls)

8-Bit Theme: Gravity Falls Main Theme

Obstacles: Trees, Trash cans, signposts, benches.

Vehicles: Vehicles seen from the show

River: The Lake

Logs and Lilypads:They're the same but texturized differently, boats (as the logs sometimes)

Out of Time Death: The Pterodactyl (Government helicopter if caught in the spotlight)

Train: There's no train sadly.

Train Stop: No train stop.

Gimmick: A Trail of Gold can be spotted, each coin gives 5 points, getting 25 points will cause a spotlight to appear, getting in that spotlight will cause a Government helicopter to snatch your character.

Birds: Seagulls.







Old Man Mcgucket



Robbie (Watched by friends.)

Gideon Gleeful (Dances in the spotlight.)

Soos (Fixes stuff.)

Schmebulock (Gnomes watch him for some reason.)


Grunkle Stan (Some dollars manage to fall out of your box.)

Bill Cipher (Turns people into gold.)

Time Baby (Float above the ground.)

Dream Boys (They like to take turns hopping.)


Ford: Complete the 'Pines Family' set (Dipper, Mabel, Waddles, Grunkle Stan)

Alex the Clown: Complete the 'Acts of Alex' set (Old Man Mcgucket, Soos, Grunkle Stan, Bill Cipher, Schmebulock) -Rare (Hopping while on a unicicle.)

Bud Gleeful: Find him while playing as Gideon Gleeful.

Grenda: Find her while playing as Mabel.

Candy: Find her while playing as Mabel.

Abuelita: Complete Daily Missions to unlock.-Rare (Hop around on a chair.)

Weekend Challenge:

  • Act 1 - 100 Coins
  • Act 2 - Blind Ivan (Rare)
  • Act 3 - 250 Pixel Coins
  • Act 4 - The Love God (Enchanted)

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