One of the best disney Movies I watched, I thought that a world in Disney Crossy Road based of that movie would be a good idea

Playable Environment: Langham Hotel (From Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3)

8-Bit Theme: Living Your Dreams

Obstacles: Trees, Bushes, Chairs, Tables, other Dogs, Benches

Vehicles: Other Dogs, Guests.

Train: Other dogs.

Train stop: A tree with a Parrot, that will squawk When a train is about to come.

River: The Pool.

Lilypads and Logs: Floatable Toys

Gimmick: Music Notes could be collected, collecting 5 causes the Score to go x5, for about 15 seconds.

A section made out of Peanut Butter would be an obstacle to the player, when a character would step on the Peanut Butter, the character would start to sink in it and would eventually sink entirely, which causes the round to end, hopping out of the Peanut Butter space will stop the character from being sunken.

Out of Time Death: A Parrot





El Diablo





Papi (Picking up petals.)

Rafa (Hop in bathtubs to get minty clean!)

Appoline (In the spotlight.)


Delgado (Watch for Criminals, K9 Units, and mischievous puppies.)

Pedro (Loves peanut butter.)

Sebastian (Fiesta Time!)


Charlotte: Pick up 50 Peanut Butter Jars with Pedro

Ali: Find her on a dog bed while playing as Chloe

Rosa: Find her on a dog bed while playing as Chloe

Lala: Find her on a dog bed while playing as Chloe

Pep: Find her on a dog bed while playing as Chloe

Papi. Jr: Complete the "Family of Dogs" character set (Chloe, Papi, Pedro, Ali, Rosa, Lala, Pep)

Chico: Find him while playing as Manuel

Arnie: Complete Daily Missions to unlock (Shredding obstacles with your teeth.)-Rare

Delta: Complete the "Residents of Beverly Hills" character set (Chloe, Papi, Biminy, Appoline, Sebastian)

Coyote: Complete the "Welcome to Mexico!" character set (Delgado, Chucho, Rafa, Manuel, El Diablo, Monte)

Weekend Challenge:

  • Act 1 - 100 Coins
  • Act 2 - Squeaks (Rare)
  • Act 3 - 250 Pixel Coins
  • Act 4 - Quince Rosa (Enchanted)

Datamined characters:





Fantasy Snake

Fantasy Chihuahua Warrior

Pedro in Costume

Wedding Dress Chloe

Wedding Tuxedo Papi

Papi in Costume

Chloe in Costume


Banana Peel

Ski Mask




Scuba Gear Papi

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