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    Hello, and welcome to the second unofficial monthly Marvel Fan-Made Model Contest!

    The Winner of last month's Marvel Fan-Made Model Contest (Theme was: Ant-Man) is...


    The Wasp by Bestfriendswheneverfan20067!

    Congratulations to Bestfriendswheneverfan20067! Your Fan-Made Model will be featured on the main page for the entire month of September!

    Okay, onto September's contest!

    The Rules:

    1. To enter the contest, you must make a Model that has to do with the movie specified (Although, you can still make Models from other movies, they just won't be in the contest).

    2. You can make as many models (from the specified movie) as you want, but you can only enter one in the contest.

    3. Please don't put down other people's models. If you see something wron…

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  • Torsita01

    These are all the entries for the Marvel Fan-Made Model contest:

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  • Torsita01

    Beta Testers

    April 28, 2017 by Torsita01

    These are the people currently signed up for DCYC 2.0 Beta: @FuzzyFoxCat, @Lowell97 (Gogobell), @DarthTyler (DarthTyler626), @OneAngryCreeper. Sign up now! Space is limited! Rules: You have to have a Scratch account (Go here to sign up: And you just have to ask me...

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  • Torsita01

    This is for my game Disney Check Your Connection (Link: (Ask Gogobell what it is, he'll tell you)):

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  • Torsita01

    Here are all the characters I found this update: The Abominable Snowman (Monsters Inc.), Traffic Cone (Toy Story), Rajah Kitten, Golden Camel, Genie Dragon, Genie Entertainer, Genie Magician and Genie Sultan (Aladdin) and Broccilli (Inside Out). I'll see what I can dig up next update!

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