Weekend Challenge #1, April 21st - 23rd: WORLD - Lilo & Stitch.  RARE CHARACTER - Luau Lilo.  ENCHANTED CHARACTER - Superhero Stitch

Weekend Challenge #2, April 28th - 30th: WORLD -  Mickey Mouse & Friends.  RARE CHARACTER - Ortensia  ENCHANTED CHARACTER - Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

Weekend Challenge #3, May 5th - 7th: WORLD - The Incredibles.  RARE CHARACTER - Gazerbeam.  ENCHANTED CHARACTER - Glory Days Mr. Incredible.

Weekend Challenge #4, May 12th - 14th: WORLD - Zootopia.  RARE CHARACTER - Kevin.  ENCHANTED CHARACTER - Kaslov

Weekend Challenge #5, May 19th - 21st: WORLD - Big Hero 6.  RARE CHARACTER - ?????.  ENCHANTED CHARACTER - Baymax Super Suit

What do you guys think?

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