Hello again, Disney Crossy Road community! Here is another one of my ideas of what I want to see in the game and I have got loads of ideas for this world. As new episodes air, I will update this post. Stay tuned, and keep reading!


Prize Machine

Name Rarity Description
Raphael Diaz Classic None
Angie Diaz Classic None
Spikeballs Classic None
Man Arms Classic None
Giant Chicken Classic None
Sensei Classic None
Quest Buy Sloth Classic None
Boo Fly Classic None
Narwhal Classic None
StarFan13 Classic None
Warnicorn Rare Battles monsters.
Rat Rare Collects corn.
Hungry Larry Rare Eats humans.
Jackie-Lynn Thomas Rare Rides on her skateboard.
King Butterfly Rare Loves to party!
Queen Butterfly Rare Watch over the other Mewmans.
Helios Rare He doesn't stop eating!
Jeremy Rare Battles using his golden knuckles.
Oskar Rare Plays his keytar.
Lars Rare Bullies other students.
Pony Head Epic She loves to dance.
Miss Heinous Epic Drink some tea as you hop by.
Buff Frog Epic Look after your tadpoles.
Lobster Claws Epic Claws obstacles.
Laser Puppy Epic Shoot lasers from your eyes.
Glossaryck Epic Loves pudding and meatball subs.
Ludo Epic Boss around your minions.
Marco Diaz Epic Loves nachos.
Star Butterfly Epic Create magical creatures and cast spells with your wand.

Secret/Daily Mission

Lil' Chauncey

Name Rarity Description How to Unlock
Spider with a Top Hat Epic He entertains Star's spells. Complete the 'Magical Creatures' set, which includes Laser Puppy, Lobster Claws, Helios, Narwhal, Warnicorn, and Hungry Larry.
Toffee Epic Regenerates body parts. Complete the 'Ludo's Minions' set, which includes Lobster Claws, Buff Frog, Ludo, Giant Chicken, Man Arms, Spikeballs, and Boo Fly.
Tom Epic Gets very angry. Complete the 'Mewni' set, which includes Spider with a Top Hat, Pony Head, Glossaryck, King Butterfly, Queen Butterfly, and Quest Buy Sloth.
Charlie Booth Epic Makes meatballs. Complete the 'Star vs. the Forces of Evil Heroes' set, which includes Star Butterfly, Marco Diaz, Angie Diaz, Raphael Diaz, Pony Head, Oskar, Glosaryk, Jackie Lynn Thomas, King Butterfly, and Queen Butterfly.
Monster Arm Epic Slithers around the place.

Complete the 'Pure Evil' set, which includes Ludo, Toffee, Tom, Miss Heinous, Lars, Helios, Hungry Larry, and Jeremy.

Monster Arm Marco Rare Do some push-ups. Unlock Monster Arm, then play as Marco and find Star's wand.
Mina Loveberry Rare Eat donuts from the garbage. Play as Star Butterfly, and find her in an clearing next to a dumpster, and some bags of donuts.
Father Time Epic Loves to roll in mud. Play as Star Butterfly and cast a time-freezing spell. (The chances of casting it are 1/100)
Miss Skullnick Epic Use a battleaxe to defeat monsters. Complete the 'Echo Creek Academy' set, which includes Marco Diaz, Star Butterfly, Jackie Lynn Thomas, Lars, Oskar, and StarFan13.
Human Skullnick Classic None Play as Miss Skullnick and find Star, who will turn you into a human. When the round ends, she will be unlocked.
Young Star Classic None Play as Father Time, and find Star during gameplay.
Mewberty Star Rare Spreads purple mewberty hearts. Complete the 'Butterfly Family' set, which includes Star Butterfly, Young Star, King Butterfly, and Queen Butterfly.
Brittany Wong Rare None Complete the 'Riches and Royalty' set, which includes King Butterfly, Queen Butterfly, Princess Vanellope, The Sultan, Jasmine, Mufasa, Adult Simba, The King, The Queen, Gazelle, Treasure Chest, and Prince Achmed.
Wild Ludo Diamond His spider and eagle accompany him. Complete the 'Out in the Wild' set, which includes Timon, Pumbaa, Nick Wilde, Officer Clawhauser, Judy Hopps, Warthog, Ludo, Baloo, Mowgli, King Louie, Bagheera, Mayor Lionheart, Shere KhanAkela, Kaa, Elephant, Pink Flamingo, Iago, Spider, Ostrich, Giraffe, Pua, Hei Hei, and Manchas.
Lil Chauncey Classic None Find him in a clearing while playing as Queen Butterfly.
Mr. Candle Classic None Daily Missions
Truth or Punishments Cube Rare None Daily Missions
Janna Classic None Daily Missions
Mewni Royal Guard Classic None Daily Missions
Roy Rare Sells Goblin Dogs to customers. Daily Missions

Weekend Challenges

First Challenge

  • Act 1 - 250 Coins
  • Act 2 - Flying Pig (rare)
  • Act 3 -  500 Pixels
  • Act 4 - King Pony Head (enchanted)

Second Challenge

  • Act 1 - 250 Coins
  • Act 2 - Naysaya Marco (rare)
  • Act 3 - 500 Pixels
  • Act 4 - Bon Bon (enchanted)


  • Music - I'm From Another Dimension (theme song)
  • Environment - Mewni
  • Gameplay Mechanic - Battling monsters for points.
  • Lilypads - Purple instead of green
  • Logs - Normal
  • Trains - Mewni Guards
  • Cars - Native Mewmans, Carts.
  • Out of Time Death - Ludo's Eagle

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