Hello, Disney Crossy Road community. This is my first out of many ideas I have for worlds I would like to see in Disney Crossy Road. So please sit back, and enjoy. Thank you.


Name Rarity Description
Cinderella Classic None
The King Classic None
The Grand Duke Classic None
Bruno Classic None
Suzy Classic


Perla Classic None
Anastasia Tremaine Rare The Baker has a keen interest in you.
Drizella Tremaine Rare Your mother is watching you.
Lucifer Rare Chases mice.
Jaq Rare Run away from Lucifer.
Gus Rare He loves cheese.
Lady Tremaine Epic She uses her cane to destroy obstacles.
Prince Charming Epic Find Cinderella's glass slipper.
Fairy Godmother Epic Her wand changes objects into magical items.

Secret Characters

Name Rarity Description How to Unlock
Horse Gus Rare Leads the other horses. Change twenty-five objects with the Fairy Godmother.
Wedding Dress Cinderella Classic None Find Cinderella's glass slipper five times with Prince Charming.
Baker Classic None Score 250 points with Anastasia.


  • Bibbidi-Bobbidi Boo
  • The Work Song (while playing as Suzy, Perla, Jaq or Gus)

Gameplay & Features

  • Location - Cinderella's Chateau
  • Out of Time Death - Pumpkin Carridge
  • Trains - Birds
  • Cars - Mice, Royal Servants

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