Wreck-It Ralph is a world in Disney Crossy Road.




The Wreck-It Ralph theme world takes place in Sugar Rush. Trains are now made of cupcakes, river now have a minty color, and lilypads, rocks, and logs are now made of candy. Trees have also been replaced by Candy-Cane trees, while cars have been replaced by some of the karts from the Sugar Rush Racers. Pieces of candy are scattered on the ground and collecting them will give you a score boost, collecting multiple in a short period of time gives you a combo which will increase the amount of points earned from candy.

If you are playing as a figure with a rarity of Rare or higher, Cherry-Bombs will appear on the map, although they don't appear as often since the amount of points gained by them is massive. Upon collecting the Cherry-Bomb, you will be able to get additional points by bumping into trees and rocks for a short period of time, also during this time the music speeds up.

When the player doesn't move for too long, a cybug will appear catching the character and ending the round of gameplay. This world contains 41 characters at the moment.