Zootopia is a world in Disney Crossy Road. 




The Zootopia theme world takes place in Tundratown. Everything is covered in snow from the lights to the logs and the ground. The cars have been replaced by animal themed ones like the tall giraffe car to the tiny red mouse Isetta. The snow will sometimes cover the borders of the camera making visibility slightly more difficult. The main obstacle is a limousine that will need to make the whole screen before passing.

When the player doesn't move for too long, the helicopter from the movie will appear catching up the character and ending the round of gameplay. This world contains 31 characters at the moment with 2 more to be released.

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Zootopia logo
Classic Characters
Judy Hopps | Nick Wilde | Bellwether | Finnick | Mayor Lionheart | Mr. Otterton | Manchas | Jerry Jumbeaux, Jr.
Rare Characters
Flash | Gazelle | Chief Bogo | Doug | Kozlov
Epic Characters
Officer Clawhauser | Mr. Big
Secret Characters
Yax | Elephant Finnick | Gideon | Nanga Wreck-It Rhino | Pig Hero Six | Wrangled | Young Nick Wilde | Young Judy Hopps | Business Lemming | Priscilla | Mr. Hopps | Mrs. Hopps | Officer McHorn
Weekend Challenge Characters
Fru Fru | Duke Weaselton
Bundle/Ticket Machine Characters
Christmas Clawhauser
Upcoming Characters